CNC Milling

At South West Engineering and Fabrications Ltd, we offer multi axis CNC milling services for your complex, high precision components. Traditionally there are 3 axis which enables the table to move in 2 directions and the 3rd axis allows the cutting tool to be lowered to drill into the metal.

However, we chose the 4 axis CNC milling machine, as the 4th axis allows the table to rotate. This ensures continuous milling, meaning no down time for repositioning and as a result provides a quicker lead-time and more cost-effective product for our customers.

Using this manufacturing process means that a variety of materials can used to fabricate parts on sheet metals such as; aluminium, steel, brass and as well as wood, fibreglass or plastic, in a timely manner.

Due to the intricate detail, that the 4-axis milling machine provides these processes are used to manufacture complex parts for industries such are automotive, marine, food technology and medical purposes.

Benefits to our customers


Project turnaround is faster, so increased productivity for our customers.

Cost Effective

We can provide more competitively priced parts.


High-quality complex metal components manufactured for our customers.

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