Guillotine Cutting

Our metalwork guillotine operates by a clamp securing the sheet of material. Similar to the action of scissors, the blade shears the material, starting at one side of the sheet.

Our hydraulic 15kW guillotine provides a precise high powered and efficient service. Precision – the back gauge with an adjustable range of 1,000 mm, and modern CNC control with touch screen ensures accuracy for our customers sheet metal fabrications.

Cutting capabilities

Cutting force361Kn
Cutting length3050mm
Material thickness (Mild steel)Up to 12mm
Material thickness (Stainless steel)Up to 8mm
Material thickness (Aluminium)Up to 14mm
Cutting Angle40' to 2°20' 2°50'
Speed Length & Angle22 cps/min to 11cps/min

We regularly use the guillotine cutting services for various customers within the food and drink and automotive industries.

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