Laser Profiling

Laser profiling allows great flexibility in cutting complex shapes from a variety of materials, quickly and accurately. Our 10kW Bystronic Bystar Fiber 3015 laser provides cost efficient sheet metal profiling utilising fibre laser technology, generating several times the power from the same energy input than achieved by CO2 The focused laser beam melts the metal sheet to produce a smooth, clean cutting edge for our customers parts.

Cutting capabilities

Mild SteelUp to 25mm
Stainless SteelUp to 25mm
AluminiumUp to 30mm
Specialist MetalMetal dependant

These state-of-the-art automated laser profilers needs little manpower, which helps us to provide cost effective parts and components.

Benefits of Laser Cutting / Profiling


Ensures that laser profiling is perfect for both intricate designs or mass repeatable parts.

Cost Effective

With repeatable position of 0.025mm apart, there is little wastage of the sheet metal.


Our laser fiber machine has a 10kw fiber head uses the same power as a CO2 profiler, but outputs triple the speed. This speed and efficiency, provides our customers with quick a turnaround time..


Its contactless operation increases speed & efficiency as well as reducing sheet metal waste.

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